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Ogden Chrome & Bumper Car repair

124 18th St, Ogden, UT 84401,
United States

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Chuck Liebhart 5 years ago

I recently received the bumper for my 65 Cutlass and was amazed at what Ogden Chrome was able to do with the BADLY damaged core I had submitted. They were able to transform what appeared to be scrap metal into a show quality part. The fit and finish is excellent and the customer service was prompt and courteous. I would highly recommend them to fellow automobile enthusiasts.

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Anonymous 6 years ago

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Anonymous 7 years ago

Over priced for such poor quality work. Staff is rude and unknowledgable.

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Anonymous 7 years ago

Don’t believe the hype from Ogden Chrome. Their claim of triple plate show chrome is nothing more than hype at best. More like fraud if you ask me. I was originally quoted $1000.00 and 4-6 weeks to re-chrome my grill. After I packed it up and shipped it to them they then wanted $1900.00 to do the job. We settled on $1400.00 I waited over 3 months. When I called to check on the job all I got was lame excuses and it seems that nobody really knew what was going on. After I finally got it back it was the worst chrome job I have ever seen. There were bubbles, pits, sanding scratches and dents that weren’t even there before. Some critical areas didn’t even get plated. There are so many obvious flaws I can’t believe they could send out a job like this. They either completely lack any sort of quality control or they just don’t care. In either case the claim of “show chrome” is ridiculous. I doubt if they know what show chrome is at this point. The entire grill will have to be redone. At every step through this process I have been lied to and brushed off. Now I am out $1400.00 and stuck with a grill that looks worse than it did when I sent it to them. Do not believe what these people tell you. Once you send them your parts you are at there mercy. They charge your credit card and refuse to stand behind there work.

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