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Prestige Cigars Store, Night club, Bar

3225 Harwood Rd, Bedford,
TX 76021, United States

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Anonymous 6 years ago

I went in looking for a specific cigar brand but they didn't have it. At first I was upset and disappointed, but after a short conversation with the guy behind the counter, he said they'd have it in stock for me. Within a week I came back and he not only remembered me, but gave me the cigar I wanted at the best prices I've ever paid for it. GREAT PLACE, I plan to be a long time regular customer!

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Anonymous 6 years ago

Excellent selection! Will be back often.

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Anonymous 6 years ago

Great! We needed a local Cigar Shop!

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Chaz Wunderlin 5 years ago

This is a great cigar shop the owner is very knowledgeable in cigars. it has a great humidor with a great selection and if you can't find what you like in there the owner will recommend something and out of my experience he has never recommended me a bad stick. There is also a lounge its a good place to sit back and relax to enjoy a good smoke

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