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Outback Steakhouse Restaurant, Food

IH-10 S, Beaumont, TX 77707,
United States

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Sheri Harper 4 years ago

We had my mother-in-law in Mississippi took them out to eat at a different restaurant every night last week, on Sunday her last night in town we went to Outback in Beaumont. My mother-in-law had the best time ever our server Mr. John was so nice and friendly, he made her & all of us feel so special she wanted to take him home. The Manager Mrs. Brittney greeted us and seated us right away, we had such a great time with Mr. John she ordered a extra glass of wine just so we could spend a little more time there, we didn't want to leave & when he brought us a to go container for our blooming onion & food, he made my mother-in-law a special to go bag with a extra bread & butter & plastic knife just for her because she loved it so much & told her that was just for her so she could nibble on it on their trip home today, I just wanted to thank Mr. John & Mrs. Brittney for such a great time, It was so special that she was still talking about it this morning. & can't wait until she comes back down again just so she can go back to Outback to see Mr. John & Mrs. Brittney. out of all 7 restaurants we went to last week Outback in Beaumont beat them all hands down not a one came close to the service or experience we received from you two thank you so much for for such a great time.

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Stephanie Molina 7 years ago

So good.

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Katherine Sindle 4 years ago

Great people

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Jay Kuykendall 7 years ago

Good food.

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David Hackney 4 years ago

I love Outback!!!

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