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New York Life Insurance - Jade Thelin, LUTCF Insurance agency, Finance

10260 SW Greenburg Rd #650,
Portland, OR 97223, United States

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Sam Clinton 6 years ago

As a business owner for the majority of my life I have been very cautious about trusting others with my money. A good friend has been working with Jade Thelin and and gave him a strong endorsement. I started working with Jade several months ago and have been impressed with his knowledge and sincerity. He is the first financial planner I've met with that actually knows what he is talking about. We have set up a great plan that gives me and my family better financial security over the coming years. I know that me, and my family, will be taken care of and I highly recommend Jade.

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Anonymous 8 years ago

Recently my wife and I were discussing the need to set up some kind of college savings plan for our two year old daughter. We didnt really know who to talk to about it and had no idea of what the best options were available. One of my old friends is a New York Life agent so I thought I would ask him. My wife and I met with him and he presented a few ideas that made a lot of sense. He then showed us what he was using for his daughters college fund and explained all the benefits of that product. I always knew that New York Life was a very strong company and now it's great to know that we have a great local agent that we can call if we have any other needs or questions.

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Anonymous 8 years ago

A few weeks ago my wife and I switched our insurance over from another company because we had no idea who our agent was. We never heard back from him after he signed us up with our policies several years ago. My brother told me how his insurance agent at New York Life calls him a few times a year just to check in and see if he needs anything. My brother also told me that he gets additional calls on his birthday and wedding anniversary from his agent. I wanted an agent who cared about me and my family! We called Jade a few weeks ago and switched all of our insurance and investments over to New York Life. He has lived up to his reputation and is great to work with! If you want an insurance agent who cares about you and your family, he is the insurance guy you are looking for!

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Anonymous 8 years ago

I started working with Jade Thelin after a getting a strong referral from a trusted business partner. I work in corporate finance so I typically don't like dealing with most insurance and financial services sales associates because they don't understand the products they are selling and/or they lack integrity. Jade is different than all the others I have worked with. He is extremeley knowedgeable about his products and he understood what was best for my family's situation. He was honest in his answers and approach. I'm typically cautious about giving referrals but I referred Jade to several friends and they have all been happy with him as well. He's a great person to work with and I highly recommend him.

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