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Dakota Financial Finance, Jewelry store, Store

3001 NW 39th Expy, Oklahoma City,
OK 73112, United States

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Bridget Holko 5 years ago

I visited with Melinda and she was awesome. I went with a friend to sell some of her old never worn gold. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly & Melinda was very knowledgeable about all precious metals and gems. They have a fixed rate that they use for buying that is very fair! I will be going through my old jewelry and heading back to see Melinda & I would recommend anyone to do the same. Gold prices are high right now and money is better than old & broken jewelry sitting in a drawer :)

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Taylor McIntyre 3 years ago

I was very impressed with my experience. The facility and personnel were great and their website posted what they would pay for my gold jewelry. That made it easy. I would refer all my family and friends to them.

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Dakota Land 4 years ago

I had the task of liquidating my parents estate and these folks made my job my job easy. I had shopped several other buyers prior to going to their facility. One reason I decided to do business with them was that they checked all my jewelry with a X-RAY machine for exact purity and I liked the fact that they post their prices on their website and had the highest payouts. They also were the absolute highest buyers on the diamonds and coins I brought in. I give them 5 stars. I have never given a review but this company was very professional and they deserve it. Thank You. D Land

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Benjamin Sagadore 4 years ago

After visiting Gold Buyer OK in Oklahoma City I knew I had made a mistake when I sold my gold to a different buyer the last 3 times. Their friendly staff walked me through the entire process right in front of me! Something the other buyers were not able to offer. I got an additional $100 at Gold Buyer OK selling the exact same coin vs what I got at the previous buyer who's company name I wont even mention. I would suggest visiting this cash for gold buyer over any other in the city. Anyways thanks for the personable service Wade. See you again soon.

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Alyssa Lawver 4 years ago

I took my jewelry to 2 other places before selling it to Gold Buyer OK. They gave me more for the scrap gold and silver I had than the other two places offered. Actually they paid me significantly more!!! It's also a clean office that feels safe, and the guy who helped me was really nice and informative. They all seemed really nice. Don't waste your time going anywhere else.

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