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No Lines By Design Health, Spa

5594 S Fort Apache Rd #130,
Las Vegas, NV 89148, United States

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Vanessa Karnowski 5 years ago

I had the best Jessner Peel at No Lines By Design. The service was superior from the minute I booked the appointment all the way through the checkout process. The ladies at the front desk greeted me with a friendly smile, I checked in and walked back to the waiting room where my esthetician sat down to speak with me about my skin. It wasn't forced at all and it felt like I was talking to one of my girlfriends about my skin issues. After I spoke with her, she walked me into the room and got started on my peel. She told me about the after-care and even gave me a "take home" form that explains the peel process in the next few days. Once I was done, she walked me up to the front to check out and told me she would check on me to make sure the peel was going well. She meant what she said and sure enough, she checked on me and made sure I was happy and following my "homework". I will definitely be back to No Lines by Design - great new location and great staff! Two thumbs up!

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Kathryn Blair 5 years ago

No lines by design is worth the time and money. The environment was calming and the staff friendly. Jasalyn, the office manager was thorough and very accommodating. Teri, the provider was professional and knowledgeable. I felt I was given a detailed explanation of what to expect from the Botox injections. Jasalyn offered several suggestions that would improve my overall appearance. Terri gave advice for future care and management. I will be back in November and can't wait. Excellent service and affordable

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