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Memorial Stadium Stadium

One Stadium Dr, Lincoln,
NE 68588, United States

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Sam Yoon 5 years ago

Took a trip to Omaha/Lincoln for UCLA/Nebraska Football game on 9/14/13. We came back just gushing to our family and friends about our trip. My buddies and I were amazed at the place and even more at the hopitality of the Nebraskans at the game. The stadium is simply beautiful and the fans are like no other I have ever seen. I highly recommend anyone to take a trip to the Memorial stadium and enjoy the atmosphere and the generous people of Nebraska. I will be returning to Lincoln/Memorial stadium again in the future.

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Joel Penhallegon 5 years ago

I have been to Memorial Stadium numerous times to watch the Cornhuskers play football. Every gate has this phrase above it "Through These Gates Pass the Greatest Fans In College Football." That is absolutely true. Nebraska fans are knowledgable about the game. This is a great place to be on fall Saturdays. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences of Nebraska Cornhusker football. Nebraska fans stand and clap for the opponent when they beat the Cornhuskers, I know, I have done that. Tickets are easy to obtain, even with a nation-leading 300+ Consecutive Sellouts. Cornhusker fans are respectful of the opponents fans. If you want to see a "Sea of Red," visit Memorial Stadium on a fall football Saturday, and you will "sea" just that, a "Sea of Red."

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Chuck Fitzsimmons 3 years ago

Just back in NJ after a great weekend in Lincoln. Thank you Husker Nation for your hospitality. Great venue for college football. Hope we can return the favor when you all come to visit us next year.

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Pridhams Pieces 4 years ago

This stadium continues to get better and better. Great venue for college football. My requests are to serve Coke products again and Chick-fil-A sandwichs. :)

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Manu Moka 5 years ago

Amazing place. Park early and enjoy the local vibe. Then make lots of noise.

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