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Top Lawn Home goods store, Store

1965 Best Dr, Walled Lake,
MI 48390, United States

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James Simmons 4 years ago

Outstanding Lawn care! In my neighborhood, nearly everyone uses a weed control and fertilization service. When I drive down my street, my lawn stands out above the rest! Deeper green and fewer weeds than my neighbors who use other services. I am proud to be a customer of Top Lawn. Their attention to detail and customer service stands head and shoulders and above other lawn companies I have tried. Would and have recommend to friends and acquaintances.

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Brad Stetson 4 years ago

I love the detailed report I get with each service. The technician leaves notes on what he noticed. While they offer remedies that I could pay for when they notice something that could be fixed, they also offer advice on how I could do it myself. I have been a customer for just under a year now. I had great customer service when I first started to do business with them. They started service very quickly. I noticed my lawn improving quickly. I did purchase one "add on" throughout the year. When I called the office for this add on, I experienced great customer service. I am starting my second season with Top Lawn, and I'm still very happy.

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Bruce Franckowiak 4 years ago

Top Lawn has been a wonderful service. We have had the service now for 4 years and it has been the excellent. They come on time, the do what they say and the lawn looks great. Also the prices are extremely reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone interested in hiring a lawn service.

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Lisa Geminick 4 years ago

Prompt, professional, reasonable service. My lawn was pretty bad after this past winter. We just moved in the summer before and did not have lawn service. TL brought it back to shape asap.

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Judy Matrundola 4 years ago

My lawn looks great, much better than when I fertilized it. Thank you and people compliment me on how good my lawn looks now compared to how it looked before.

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10 out of 15 people find this review helpful.