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Premier Dog Training Establishment

7363 Old Columbia Rd,
Columbia, MD 21046, United States

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Barbara D 4 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about Premier Dog Training. We adopted Cole in November as a puppy. He began to show behaviors that we wanted to correct, but did not know how nor did we have the time to train him. We (including my 4 children) were becoming increasingly annoyed with him and were finding that we weren't enjoying him as much. I realized that this was not fair to him and we wanted so much for him to be a part of our family. We were going away so the timing was perfect. I enlisted our Cole in boot camp. The time away from him made us all realize how much we love him and missed him. When we returned home, he was so well behaved. I was so proud to see him walk on a leash without pulling for the first time. It was SO different then my walk with him into the training!! The trainers are phenomenal with the dogs and amazing with the owners. We feel like we now have the tools to help us with Cole and if we need any help, they are just a phone call away. If you need training for your dog...Premier Dog Training is the place to go!!!

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Courtney Brouse 3 years ago

Wow!! What a great experience I had and continue to have with Premier! I recently had my dog Belle (pit mix) attend their 14 day boot camp. All of the staff was so great. I went a checked out the facility before deciding on the place, I was very pleased with what I saw. Drop off day was emotional for sure but so worth it seeing the results after the 14 days. Belle is doing amazing with her basic commands (mastering them I must say!). Oh and leash walking.. she would pull my arm out of the socket. She now stays right next to me! Belle also struggled with socialization and being reactive to other dogs. Over the 14days I would see the posts on their instagram of Belle working on commands with other dogs in the room! I am going to be kenneling her at the facility in which they train in the next few weeks.. the best part is the continue to work with Belle as their life time guarantee! What a relief too because she is already familiar with the space! Thanks again premier you guys rock!

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Taylor Carlson 3 years ago

Premier Dog Training is the best thing my boyfriend and I could have ever done! We have a yellow lab puppy. Sadie will be a year November 4th. She is a great dog, but we needed help beyond our expertise. When I brought Sadie to Premier Dog Training, I was at the end of my leash. While Sadie is an amazing, fun-loving dog we needed help! Sadie was having a number of issues, but specifically walking on a leash. She would pull and get so excited whenever she saw a dog or just in general to the point where I would fall. I also have Cerebral Palsy, so it was even that much more important Sadie was able to walk at my speed. Let me tell you, Sadie is a new dog. She still has the same fun-loving personality and lots of energy, but LISTENS, and can now walk right beside me at my speed. It’s amazing the transformation the staff, Rick, Jess, Kevin, and others were able to provide. Not only direction and consistency for Sadie, but they were able to make it fun for us! Rick, Jess, Kevin, and all other staff are amazing! I can’t express how thankful we are to have found such amazing people to train and treat our puppy with such great care. Not only that, they are very thorough, and will answer any and all questions till you are completely at ease. We are going to continue to bring Sadie to Premier Dog Training for more advanced training and service work. Highly recommend!! Any issues with your dog, big or small, Premier Dog Training is the answer! We can’t thank you guys enough!!! You have no idea the happiness and joy it brings me to be able to walk my dog! - Taylor & Josh

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Pamela Begun 4 years ago

Premier Dog Training is AMAZING! I cannot say enough good things about them. The dog I was fortunate enough to adopt had some behavioral issues I did not know how to correct on my own. I did a lot of research to find a trainer with a fantastic reputation and whose philosophies would be in line with my own. I found EXACTLY what I was looking for when I met Jess and Rick. My instincts were all validated when I picked up Rusty after boot camp. He was a happy dog that showed no signs of the behavior I was originally concerned about. That made me a happy dog owner! I will forever be grateful to everyone at Premier Dog Training for exceeding my expectations!

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Gregory Scovel 4 years ago

Premier -- You all did, and continue to do, a great job with our Vizsla. You guys keep doing a great job...and we'll keep referring our friends your way!

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