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CrossFit H2O Health

83 Mystic Ave, Medford,
MA 02155, United States

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Anonymous 6 years ago

Amazing, motivating, challenging! I've been at Crossfit H20 for a few months and I cannot begin to explain how it's changed my perspective on life - I fein to go and when I have to miss I'm a very sour person to be around! I love the fact that it combines a few elements that are crucial in a workout - mobility, speed and strength. The trainers are both approachable and knowledgeable which make the environment so welcoming. They recently added a nutritionist and she's phenomenal as well! What an amazing team and what a dynamic way to get your workout groove going or keep it intact!

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Anonymous 7 years ago

Have been training with Coach Benjamin and Coach Jaffney since their start in their garage in Watertown. They are committed to their box and athletes and offer direct guidance and coaching around mobility, nutrition, individualized goal development and holistic health. Group classes are a fun mix up to the typical neighborhood gym class or individual workout, yielding a 100% supportive atmosphere from other athletes with zero judgement. They offer a drop in class on Saturdays, which is a great way to meet the coaches, members and give a class a try.

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Anonymous 7 years ago

Super friendly, extremely unintimidating, awesomely down-to-earth environment. Get your work out on with minimal fuss, and maximum attention from the coaches. A place I love to be when the corporate gets to your head, and to remind you of the goodness, honestly, and humanity that still exists in our crazy world. Barbells > work stress. 3,2,1.. GO!

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Chris Lee 6 years ago

Dedicated coaches that know what they are doing and provide individualized attention.

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