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Oleana Restaurant, Food

134 Hampshire St, Cambridge,
MA 02139, United States

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Alyssa Ackerman 4 years ago

Oleana is my number one restaurant in (and around) the city. The food is unbelievable. I've never had such good falafel! I'm vegetarian and they have so many options but the meat is all sustainable and happy, too! Great mezze style dinner. I've gone alone, on a date, and with family, it's awesome for all situations and if you can sit on the back porch, consider your self super lucky/spoiled! The staff is super passionate and knowledgable about the food. They are also super charming and fun to talk to. The atmosphere can't be beat (only challenged by their sister restaurant Sarma - also a must!). Very cozy and stylized. I love the food, the staff, and the atmosphere of Oleana. The prices are not too crazy, either!

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Josh Trubow 4 years ago

Oleana serves the best Mediterranean food I have ever tried. I came here for my anniversary and was lucky enough to get a table outside on their back patio, but arrive early because you can only reserve a spot outside in person. We ordered about 5 appetizers and entree to split, and had more than enough food. The meal is served with fresh bread, which is great for dipping in the various humus or other appetizer dishes. Each item we tried had strong unique flavors, and tasted amazing. Each was also plated very attractively. I highly recommend the Falafel and the Sultan's delight appetizers. Can't wait to come back soon and try all the things we didn't get on our first visit.

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Otis Maxwell 4 years ago

I would like to give Oleana another chance, but my experience was not outstanding and I was disappointed because it came with such high recommendations. The Sultan's Delight was great: a cube of tender short rib in a tangy sauce, next to a puddle of baba ganoush. Use the excellent house focaccia to combine these components for an impromptu slider. The octopus coca, however, was basically a very small personal pizza with a few bits of octopus on top, and an evening's special mezze just didn't work. One out of three isn't good enough at these prices. Tell your server you want the Sultan's Delight and ask for recommendations liked by other people who like that dish.

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Jkatzwhite 3 years ago

Excellent restraunt. I had the carrot croquettes for an appetizer and monkfish for an entrée. I had tea that the waiter picked and that was excellent as well. The service was very friendly and prompt. I recommend this restaurant to anyone with a diverse pallete and willing to drop 40 bucks before tip.

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Eric Robbins 3 years ago

My wife and I had our wedding and first anniversary dinner here. The food, service, and atmosphere are absolutely without rival. I would also highly recommend them if you're vegetarian, as they're one of the few fine dining establishments with a great selection of non-meat-based dishes.

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13 out of 18 people find this review helpful.