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Mike's Tattoo Shop Store

12395 Lake Charles Hwy,
Leesville, LA 71446, United States

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Anonymous 6 years ago

I have around 40hrs of tattoo's from all over the world. Mike has done nearly half of them since I got stationed at Fort Polk and tried out several shops in the area. He does a GREAT job and is extremely fair. He has been tattooing since the 70's and has been in Leesville permanently since the late 80's. He is the only person working in his shop. If you want good work from a shop that wont close down in a few months, go to Mikes!

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Anonymous 11 years ago

Mike's Tattoo Shop is a great place to get personal artwork done. Although it has been a couple of years since I got my tattoo done at Mike's, I will not soon forget the clean, well-lit shop, the respect and courtesy with which I was treated, and the fine job that Mike did. I definitely recommend Mike's Tattoo to anyone who wants masterful body art applied by a true professional.

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John Vanderwater 5 years ago

My wife and I live in Alexandria but wanted to get our tattoos from a true professional as well as get away from the trendy little shops that we have in town that want to tell you what they will do and how they are going to do it. We went into Mike's shop and immediately felt relaxed by the atmosphere. He's a true artist and an amazing person to have a conversation with. I won't get any artwork done by anyone else now that I've got our wedding rings done by him.

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