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Prestwick Apartments Establishment

4230 Hickory Ln, Sioux City,
IA 51106, United States

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Anonymous 6 years ago

My Husband and I have lived in this complex for 4 years, and we LOVE it here. We're only leaving now because we're moving out of state.The apartments are spacious, modern, clean, bright, and have a great view. The management is friendly, timely with repairs, excellent at leaving us to our privacy, and give plenty of notice if they need to check fire/carbon monoxide alarms, change air filters. All our neighbors have been friendly. I would recommend these apartments to anyone.

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Teddy Graham 6 years ago

I realize that not too many people are excited about relocating to Sioux City, however, if you find yourself looking to settle down here, there is no better place than Prestwick to call home. We lived in the Prestwick apartments for nearly 2 years, and could not have been happier. The units are spacious with *tons* of storage options... not to mention in unit laundry! The location of the complex itself can't be beat- you are hands-down in the nicest part of Sioux City, and within an easy drive of anywhere you'd want to be. Additionally, the office and maintenance staff are prompt, attentive, and great to work with. New jobs took us away from Sioux City, but let me tell you, we regularly comment on how our new apartment doesn't hold a candle to Prestwick.

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