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Universal Auto Body Services Car repair

430 Kane Ct, Oviedo, FL 32765,
United States

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Natalie Vernon 5 years ago

I absolutely love this place! I have taken my Mazda 6 there twice, once for damage to the frame of my car on the passenger's side and again when someone backed into my rear bumper and ruined it. Progressive wanted them to repair the bumper as best as they could but Universal Auto Body fought them until they agreed to pay for a brand new bumper to be placed on my car. They did a fantastic job! My car is a 2005 so the paint has faded a bit and they did an outstanding job on color matching. I do wish they would call and update me on the progress a bit more but I am always overwhelmed with the outcome! I currently have a discounted estimate for some voluntary work on my car because I am a repeat customer. They truly appreciate their customers and want them to return for more great service! They also restored my headlights for free after they forgot to while my car was in the shop. People do make mistakes, but I'm glad they made mistakes that didn't cost me money! I would highly recommend them!

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Sonal Malhotra 4 years ago

Best Car Service I have has so far! They were timely with my repair and kept me updated with every step through emails. Even when we hit a huge problem when we were trying to touch base with another auto body shop (not associated with Universal Body shop) about replacing my custom rim, the other body shop was not only late in getting a replacement rim they further damaged my car in the process of replacing a simple rim. The other body shop is refusing to accept responsibility and pay to fix their damages. And the whole time this was going on I was without a car. Universal Auto Body came thought for me with replacing the damages themselves, so they could return my car to me as them duke it out with the other Auto Body shop over the issue. I am definitely coming back here if I am ever to have any problem with my car. Make sure to ask for Andre, Ted or Ponce if you ever visit the Oviedo location! This place has definitely improved with the new management.

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Hailey Seiler 4 years ago

I admitted my wrecked 2007 Toyota Corolla to Universal Auto Body since it was the closest to my location, but I never thought such a simple choice would turn out to be the best decision I've ever made concerning my car. This team really cares about their work. They gave me updates regularly on the progress of my car which made it very easy to plan on a day to pick it up. My car looked great after they fixed it up and you could tell they didn't skip on the details (only the front end of my car needed to fixed but they polished/detailed all of it to match the change). That's not all, Andre, a very nice man, accompanied by a few of his team (Gary, Megan, Pete, etc.) walked with me to my vehicle after all the service was done and even straightened a very annoying dent that was there prior to the accident with no extra charge! THAT'S NOT ALL. After being well over accommodated by this company, I turned on my car to find that I was very low on gas. These people gladly gave me a quarter tank of premium gas FOR FREE and sent me off feeling like I had a million dollars in my pocket. This is the kind of service you should get all the time but you'd never expect. I love this team, they made me feel like family and I would recommend them to mine. (BTW the mechanic that worked on my car was George, awesome awesome job).

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Wesley Sanchez 5 years ago

These guys worked on my Mustang and it looks better than it ever did in the past 6 years I've owned it. The staff is amazing, so kind. They go above and beyond customer service to provide the best experience possible. Highly, highly recommended.

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Anonymous 6 years ago

I agree there should be zero starts. Thomas Greenberg is the biggest jerk that ever was. Told me I could pick up my car and he would wait for me. Called me at 5pm and then said no he wouldn't wait. I had to pay for extra rental for two days and insurance. He also said he wasn't going to give me my car when I told him I called my insurance co. and told them not to pay him for what he did. I told him he better give me my car since I was there with my deductible or I would call the police. They also had to fix bubbles on the car. He wouldn't let me wait int the office either. He threw me out. I decided to come back in and he said I thought I told you to get out. I said call the cops cuz I'm not moving. STAY AWAY, VERY FAR AWAY!!!!! THIS IS THE ONE ON KANE STREET IN OVIEDO!!!

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