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Bruce Bauer Appliance Technician Home goods store, Store

22728B Nadine Cir, Torrance,
CA 90505, United States

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Kenny G 5 years ago

Mr. Bauer is Awesome! Just like all the other reviews say. I looked up local repair guys for Washing Machines, this guy has the best ratings & I can see why. Picked up the phone right away, very nice guy, very honest & helpful. He seriously helped me over the phone for free. Thank you Mr. Bauer! Cool name too!

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Anonymous 7 years ago

Came home to find my gas oven beeping with and error code on the display. Quickly looked up appliance repair online and found Bruce Bauer had great ratings. Gave him a call and he suggested that I try and reset the breaker first to see if that would fix the problem. Thankfully it did. It's so nice to find an honest person like Bruce who is willing to give free advise instead of immediately coming out for a paid service call. Will definitely call him back when I need an appliance serviced.

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John Train 5 years ago

Bruce Bauer made a Refrigerator service call on July 9, 2013. He removed the back panel and saw that disintegrating insulation was blocking a fan. He reached in and physically removed the fallen insulation. Then ,when that did not fix the problem, he came back immediately after I called him, looked through the system and made a tentative diagnosis. He offered a very fair deal where he would install some parts on a temporary basis to see if that fixed the problem, and if it didn't he would remove them and it would be no charge to me. And if it did it,he would then install them permanently . He gave me full credit for the previous visit. I am delighted with his integrity, competence and personality. I will always use him in the future. I will recommend him highly to my friends and neighbors

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Anonymous 6 years ago

We called for Mr. Bauer for advice actually. As my husband was unemployed, we asked him if we could fix our problem ourselves. Mr. Bauer was willing to spend some time on the phone with us to diagnose our problem which I believe is great customer service. He was willing to give a step by step diagnosis. When we have a need again, we will use his service.

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Anonymous 7 years ago

I was totally satisfied with the way he addresed my warming fridge's problem. We knew exactly what was wrong with our kenmore trio because he explained his every single steps. Bruce is an honest and straightforwad ex-military guy who will give his 100% and give your money's worth. I will definitely recommend him to my friends.

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