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South Bay CPR Training Center - Torrance Establishment

23755 Madison St, Torrance,
CA 90505, United States

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Brad Clinton 5 years ago

Thank you. Did my CPR & First Aid recert with them and want to write a good review for them since they just opened last year! Very small class- only me for first aid and couple more students for the CPR part. Richard was very engaging and I like that there is only space for small classes. The only negative I would say is that it's close to the Torrance airport and when the planes fly by you can hear some noise once in a while. Still, I would be happy to come back again in 2 years.

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Isfia Lisa 4 years ago

I am the HR for a fabric manufacturing company and we are required by OSHA to do training for our employees for CPR, First Aid and bloodborn pathogen. I found a couple companies that offer those classes and South Bay CPR is the most hands on and they responded quickly. Not necessarily the cheapest but the staff is very happy with the training. They had 3 instructors and I believe the owner Richard was there too to facilitate the class. They even used our AED as well as the first aid kit as demo. All the training was very hands on. We enjoyed very much that Richard personally went through with us on our AEDs and helped us understand a bit more about the AEDs we have. They do sell AEDs but Richard was not pushy at all. In fact, we did not buy any additional AEDs since we bought them from another company a year ago; but in case you are looking for one, they give complementary service and training if you do buy one from them. The training and service is excellent.

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Inna Maria 4 years ago

South Bay CPR was great. Richard is very hands on handsome and interactive with us. Nice class room and its small. I loved the chairs since it is kind of a long class so good call on that part. Everything was good and got my cpr card right at the end of class .I would definitely recommended it.

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Naomi Chen 5 years ago

Richard was the instructor and I feel like I learned a lot! It was a small class so it was nice that he was able to walk around and help us or instruct us on how to do the procedures more properly and effectively. Definitely will come back when I have to renew!

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Camelia Welly 4 years ago

Took CPR & First Aid class over the weekend. Great location and instructor. Would recommend.

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