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Scripps Poway Eyecare Store, Health

10549 Scripps Poway Pkwy,
San Diego, CA 92131, United States

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David H 4 years ago

A few months ago, my wife was accidentally kicked in the eye by our toddler. She was able to be seen right away by Dr. Wan. He was very attentive and ran thorough tests to ensure that her eye was okay. He gave explanations on why he was running the tests and provided excellent care for my wife. On a separate instance about a month ago, my wife had an unrelated eye infection due to a virus she had, and Dr. Wan was able to see her right away and provide treatment that made her eye better. We appreciate the professionalism and attentiveness that Scripps Poway Eyecare provides us. We would highly recommend this practice and their sister practice in 4S Ranch.

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PL Lim 4 years ago

Dr Keith is the best! I've lived in different places and had many past opticians and optometrists, he's simply the best - clever and really good doctor, very friendly and easy going, and best of all I can totally trust that he's not trying to get me into something I don't need. Thank you! So grateful to have you as my eye doctor!

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Ryan Stevens 4 years ago

In and out quickly, VERY friendly and knowledgeable staff & Doctors. I have both contacts and glasses and could not be happier with the overall experience.

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Anovakify 4 years ago

It was easy to get an appointment, the hours worked well for me because I work and go to school so it helped that they were open on a saturday. The staff was very helpful and even helped me pick out my frames. I am very happy with my glasses and Dr. Bersamina was very sweet and explained everything to me. I would highly recommend them!

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Conway Wong 4 years ago

I've been wearing glasses since the age of 7 and contact lenses since 11. As such, I've met a with number of optometrists and have had many eye exams over the years. I went into Scripps Poway Eyecare in January 2014 for a contacts exam with Dr. Wan, and there is nothing but good things to say about Dr. Wan and his staff. I'm quite particular with getting my prescription just right, and Dr. Wan was extremely accommodating to my pickiness. During the exam, he allowed me to adjust the test instrumentation so I could fine-tune the prescription to my exact liking. It was the first time an optometrist allowed me to do this! Additionally, Dr. Wan provided me with multiple types of trial lenses to see which ones I liked the most before deciding which ones to buy. Overall, I would highly recommend Scripps Poway Eyecare to anyone interested in getting friendly and superb service.

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