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Big Box Storage Inc. Storage

7077 Consolidated Way,
San Diego, CA 92121, United States

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Jamie Recker 6 years ago

I just used Big Box Storage in June and I was impressed. I had used this type of service in the past due to the convenience factor. I had no issues with the other company I used and no issues with Big Box Storage so I'd highly suggest the service itself to anyone in need of storage. You can't beat the convenience of this service. Aside from that, the staff at Big Box Storage was extremely nice and I have no complaints with these guys and would recommend them to friends and family.

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Steven Mclaughlin 6 years ago

I was renovating my house and I needed onsite storage for about three months while I was moving furniture and stuff in and out of my house. I used Big Box Storage for this as they offered these steel containers that I can leave in my driveway for a long period of time. There was an overnight rain storm one of the nights I had the containers and the rain was fairly heavy. I was worried about the furniture I had in the containers, but it was so late at night, I was too tired to check on it and it's not as if I was going to be moving anything at 1am anyhow:) When I woke up and checked my stuff, it was all completely dry and I was relieved. So their containers seem to be sealed quite nicely which is important for anyone considering this type of service and overall, I found everyone that I communicated with in the company to be well spoken and very courteous. I have no problem recommending BB Storage.

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Jeri Simons 5 years ago

Had 2 storage boxes for 4 years and I definitely would use Big Box again. The office staff has gone above and beyond in customer service! 5+ stars in my book. The girls in the office, (we will call them "L" & "M") are great! Always helpful & friendly. The containers were just as I packed them. Very little dust, but that's expected. If you load the contents correctly, you will have minimal shifting. Remember.the video game "Tetris", load your storage locker with that in mind. I liked how the lockers were stored inside a warehouse, away from the outside elements. As with a traditional "mortor and brick" storage facility, there's always a chance of your items being damaged by insects, pests, rodents, moisture & heat. When I opened my 4 year old time capsule, I didn't find not one dead spider or cobweb inside my locker. Everything was just as I left it. Nice! Wonderful staff, affordable prices, clean facilities, I give Big Box San Diego 10+ stars across the board! Give them a try, you will like them as much as i have.

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Ryan Jones 6 years ago

Thumbs up. I really only met with the delivery guy in person, but he was friendly, on time and very careful and considerate when placing the containers on my property. Their prices were competitive and overall I was satisfied. I'd definitely recommend them.

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Juan Stull 6 years ago

We used Big Box Storage while we were in the process of selling our house. We wanted to 'De-clutter' it so that it looked more spacious for prospective buyers did a walk with through. Initially, I thought their containers would be too small (even though I could have rented multiple ones), but in the end, everything actually fit into the containers quite nicely and I liked that there would be minimal shifting of my items because you can pack your stuff in much tighter than with a larger container (I rented from Pods a few years ago). I found the driver to be quite friendly and presentable and overall, I had a decent experience with this company. Once our house sold, we weren't even thinking about using them for any form of moving in the beginning, but they just re-delivered the containers right to our new place as it was only a few miles from our old house! So a nice little bonus as we were thinking we would have to go to their facility to pick our stuff up! Anyhow, two thumbs up from us.

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