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Gaucho Grill Bar, Restaurant, Food

200 N Pine Ave, Long Beach,
CA 90802, United States

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Karina Velasco 4 years ago

I was invited to a recent 5 course meal with wine pairing at Gaucho Grill in Long Beach. It was truly a wonderful experience. The location is lovely in the arty area of Downtown Long Beach. Our server James was wonderful! The Chef prepared an exquisite menu with a delicious unique Caprese salad with Arugula. A wonderful Lentil Soup with eggplant croutons! A very tasty Ravioli dish. Then came the Argentine steak to perfection and closed it with home made Argentine Dulce de Leche. Each entree was paired with a unique boutique wine from California and or Argentina that came to life with each dish. Gaucho Grill in Long Beach has unique boutique wines as well as a full bar. Their deserts are wonderful and home made. Their atmosphere is classy yet comfortable and the music was lovely Argentine and Latin. We had a wonderful evening, the food was terrific!

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Link Lo 4 years ago

I want to love Gaucho Grill in LB, because I have been to another Gaucho Grill location in Brea many years ago, and truly liked the experience. The food here is consistently satisfactory, and both their lunch and dinner menus offer something for everyone. From salmon salads to steak dinners, they consistently deliver. The complaint I have is the service here. It's a smaller restaurant to start with, which makes it hard to understand why it's so hard to get any attention from the wait staff. Food is also slow to come out of the kitchen, even during the weekdays when it's slow during lunch time. If the waiting staff can be trained to be more attentive, I believe this Gaucho Grill can thrive on Pine St.

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BajaBeach Rentals 4 years ago

Went here on a Friday night around 7. I would have asked to sit out on their heated patio but as it was drizzling and cold we went with the indoor option, which was also well appointed and appropriate for a romantic date. The restaurant was barely half full when we arrived but by the time we finished there were only a few tables left out on the patio. Obviously the place to be for a late-night dinner! We were immediately greeted by Enrique, who took our drink orders and did a phenomenal job at suggesting a good red for my bf while I decided to sample their sangria. After ordering a couple large empenadas, which were wonderfully flakey on the outside and hot and flavourful on the inside, we finally narrowed down our meal choices to a couple options. We explained our dilemma to Enrique and he sold me on the lamb and suggested the more traditional skirt steak for my bf. WOW. I thought the empenadas were good but the lamb was beyond superb! A few crunchy outside bits and the meaty parts were perfectly cooked with a tasty wine reduction. I could not have asked for a better preparation. My boyfriend's skirt steak was so good he just had to share a bite with me and I could not believe how juicy and flavorful it was. Even the side of spinach was amazing, as it was well seasoned and not over-sauteed and my bf couldn't get enough of their mashed potatoes. We ended the night with a pair of dulce de leche crepes with ice cream. I love creme brulee and I was happily surprised to find that the crepes also had the same thin layer of caramelized sugar across the top. We couldn't have asked for a better ending to our meal. Service by Enrique was exceptional and his friendliness infectious. He obviously loved the food he was serving, which showed in his spot-on suggestions. When I travel to Argentina I always make a point of having plenty of both beef and lamb and I am extremely excited to find a restaurant - in downtown Long Beach of all places - that can deliver the same quality!

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Lauren Bailey 4 years ago

I had the pleasure of enjoying an elegant wine pairing at Gaucho Grill. It was a 5 course tour de force of Argentine-inspired cousine with a California flair. We started with the Ensalada Campestre paired with an incredibly complimentary Sonoma Cutrer chardonnay. The salad was delicious and the wine was light and refreshing. The balsamic dressing was to die for. It also had a crunchy burrata cheese piece that really brought the arugula and cherry tomatoes together. Next, a comforting lentil soup with a unique twist, eggplant croutons. It was paired with a Malbec that was utterly transformed (in a good way!) when paired with the soup. The veal ravioli was the next dish with a decadent parisien sauce. The pasta was cooked perfectly, albeit the veal on the slightly chewier side. For the main dish, a hearty marbled angus skirt steak with crunchy roasted potatoes (and by crunchy I mean, crunch on the outside and soft on the inside- as it should be!). But the real shining star of that course was the scorched tomato. Ooh my! This tomato was flavorful and the perfect texture. Finally, when we thought we were too full for another bite, we made room for a traditional Argentine crepe topped with banana flambee. All I can say is yum. Altogether, the meal was delectable, the ambiance was appropriately festive, and the service was truly outstanding. I would definitely go back.

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Lula Cuevas 4 years ago

We love come to your restaurant! great food, great people We always have a great time. I recommend the Parrillada and some empanadas for appetizer!

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